Widget Styles

Expiring Courses Saver uses what we call SNAP Building technology for our SuperPowerUps collections. With SNAP, our goal is to make it much easier for you to "snap" a new design into your page without having to "rebuild" it all over again.

With the Expiring Courses Widgets, you can enter your information for the headings, images, etc once and then "snap" and choose another style.

Here are a list of all styles. Just select one of these in the Widget Style setting selector.

00 - Just card text

When you choose "00 - Just card text" as the style - the popup will not be displayed, but the warning text on the card will be displayed (as long as you have this enabled).

01 - Image with Avatar

02 - Image and Text

03 - Just Text

04 - Avatar and Text

05 - Image on Left

06 - Background Image

07 - Bar with Button

08 - Details On Hover

09 -Large Side Panel

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